Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission works diligently to ensure hiring opportunities are fair and non-discriminatory for everyone. Founded in 1965 and headquartered in Washington, DC, the EEOC mission statement is “We Promote Equality of Opportunity in the Workplace and Enforce Federal Laws Prohibiting Employment Discrimination”.  The EEOC provides guidance to federal agencies on all aspects […]

Virginia Department of Taxation Debit Card Scam

Virginia Department of Taxation has released a press release regarding a scam related to their new Virginia Tax Refund Debit Card. Most Virginias have their state refunds deposited by direct deposit. But for those who have received checks in the past they will receive their refunds via a debit card. The 2012-2014 Appropriations Act approved […]

Individual Electronic Returns

Are you ready to file your 2013 individual income tax return?  E-file it!  Filing it electronically means your return is accepted sooner by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and you can receive your refund faster!  Select direct deposit and you can receive your return even quicker.  IRS offers multiple ways to e-file and everyone can […]

PenSoft Payroll 2012 Update

Update on keyboard

The PenSoft Payroll 2012 software version has gone live. This update can be used to process 2012 fourth quarter and year end returns. Registered PenSoft users can access https://www.pensoft.com/customers/softwareupdates.aspx and download the update with their customer number and password.