Taxes Due!

Taxes are due TODAY – April 15, 2013!  Don’t forget to file.  The IRS offers many FREE and low cost options to tax payers.  Check them out. Can’t file?  File an extension.  The IRS released some great information on extensions and what you have to do.  Hint…owe money?  You still have to pay if you […]


An expatriate employee is an individual working and living in a country other than their country of origin.  The terms expatriate and immigrant are closely related, but differ in the general context of how they are described. Persons entering the United States from other countries seeking permanent residence are generally classified as immigrants.  Expatriates are usually […]

IRS Tax Scams

The IRS has released their “Dirty Dozen Tax Scams for 2013″ YouTube videos.  Check them out! You can read about their top dozen scams online in their newsroom too.

2009 Returns

Did you know the IRS has $197 million in unclaimed refunds from 2009?  Are you one of the 984,000 tax returns that didn’t get filed in 2009?  Don’t miss out on your refund!  File your 2009 return TODAY if you haven’t before it is too late!  The window of opportunity to file your 2009 return […]

Teenage Employment in the Workplace

With the summer months approaching, the urge for teenagers to find their niche in the workplace will be greater than ever.  For some employers this “temporary” workforce is vital especially in the fast food industry.  With so many rules and regulations, it can be difficult to know what the employer is required to do when […]

Independent Contractors vs Employees

Classification of employees versus contractors has been known to be a difficult task in many situations.  It helps for an employer to be prepared and know the basic comparison points to determine what their status should be.  The IRS provides publications to assist employers in properly classifying workers.  The following are a few common expectations […]

Delegating Tax Responsibility – Fact or Fiction?

Many businesses outsource payroll and tax processing to third-party service providers.  For many businesses this is the best solution to streamline their payroll process, assure filing deadlines and deposit requirements are met, and simplify the employee administration requirements. When a business owner/employer outsources their payroll, who is responsible, if the third party fails to comply […]

Hampton Roads Chapter of the APA February’s Meeting

Melinee Cody

The Hampton Roads Chapter held their first meeting of 2013 on February 14.  One of our speakers was Melineé Cody, CPP, Director of Support and Training for PenSoft and 2012 inductee of the Meritorious Services Award from the APA.  She spoke on “What’s New in 2013 and How it Will Affect Your Payroll”.  Her topic was […]

Virginia Department of Taxation Debit Card Scam

Virginia Department of Taxation has released a press release regarding a scam related to their new Virginia Tax Refund Debit Card. Most Virginias have their state refunds deposited by direct deposit. But for those who have received checks in the past they will receive their refunds via a debit card. The 2012-2014 Appropriations Act approved […]

Publication 1494 Released

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released the 2013 version of Publication 1494 (Tables for Figuring Amount Exempt from Levy Wages, Salary, and Other Income”.  These tables show the amount of an individual’s income that is exempt from a notice of levy used to collect delinquent taxes in 2013. For Publication 1494 go to