Evaluating a Payroll Software Solution

Evaluating software solutions

One of the greatest challenges companies face is purchasing software best suited for their business, and replacing payroll software can be one of the most challenging.

Here’s what you need to know to make the best decision for your business.

Quarterly Reconciliation Webinars

Are you ready for your quarterly reports?  Is everything reconciled?  Is your company and employee setup correct? Quarterly reconciliation is the cornerstone of a solid payroll foundation.  Detailed reports, spreadsheets, and good old fashioned mathematics allow payroll professionals to ensure balance in the payroll system.  PenSoft Payroll takes most of the work out of the […]

2013 PenSoft Payroll Quarterly Training

Payroll software is like any other business tool….you must learn to use it before it can fully benefit your company.  PenSoft offers training to help you increase your productivity while using PenSoft Payroll and maximize your company’s return on investment. What Will You Learn? Installation Company Setup Employee Setup Processing Payroll Reports Payroll Checks Tax […]

Payroll Software Free Trial Download Offer By PenSoft

Great news for companies fed up with employee payroll management- PenSoft, the leading payroll software manufacturer has updated its offering of free trial software for payroll. This payroll system suits all small & mid-sized businesses. PenSoft, a Virginia based company, also assures businesses of free unlimited program support in one affordable package.

2013 PenSoft Payroll Mandatory State Updates

2013 PenSoft Payroll was released on December 14th.  Since the initial release PenSoft has released updates for eight states. The following states have had income tax calculation updates: Oklahoma Illinois Connecticut Colorado Vermont New Mexico Minnesota Missouri Pay records dated February 1st or later will use the correct income tax calculations if  the update has […]

Free Trial Software for Payroll


There are many payroll software companies with “free trial” or “low cost” offers online. These companies offer an easy and convenient method of processing payroll checks and tax accounting. Included in their service is the ability to generate paychecks and payroll reports. There is also the option of printing paychecks and sending them in PDF […]