How to Verify EFTPS Payments


Outsourcing your payroll tax management may be the absolute best option, but what can you do to ensure the payroll service bureau representing your company is making the tax deposits and filing the tax reports as promised?



Congratulations goes to our very own, Stephanie Salavejus, for earning the 2013 Meritorious Service award from the APA at the 31st Annual Congress and being inducted into the American Payroll Association’s Payroll Hall of Fame. This award is given for outstanding contributions to the American Payroll Association and the payroll profession.  Congratulations Stephanie!

Are You Heading to Congress?


APA Congress, that is!  The 31st Annual Congress starts on May 7th and is full of workshops, networking, and credits!  Congress offers the largest expo in the payroll, accounts payable, and finance industry.  There are typically over 2, 500 attendees!

Employee or Intern?

Typically employees may not volunteer to work unpaid hours, so how is it students, normally called interns, can essentially work for an employer without pay?  It would seem as though employers are receiving a free pass to hire a student to do the work of an employee they would normally pay for the same tasks.  […]

Fringe Benefits

Employers are continuously looking for ways to improve employee moral and job retention.  Fringe benefits play an intricate part of a well rounded incentive package.  Many of these benefits include health and life insurance, dependent care assistance, and other perks.  Since most fringe benefits are tracked for taxability purposes, what happens when a benefit is […]

Quarterly Reconciliation Webinars

Are you ready for your quarterly reports?  Is everything reconciled?  Is your company and employee setup correct? Quarterly reconciliation is the cornerstone of a solid payroll foundation.  Detailed reports, spreadsheets, and good old fashioned mathematics allow payroll professionals to ensure balance in the payroll system.  PenSoft Payroll takes most of the work out of the […]

Delegating Tax Responsibility – Fact or Fiction?

Many businesses outsource payroll and tax processing to third-party service providers.  For many businesses this is the best solution to streamline their payroll process, assure filing deadlines and deposit requirements are met, and simplify the employee administration requirements. When a business owner/employer outsources their payroll, who is responsible, if the third party fails to comply […]

Hampton Roads Chapter of the APA February’s Meeting

Melinee Cody

The Hampton Roads Chapter held their first meeting of 2013 on February 14.  One of our speakers was Melineé Cody, CPP, Director of Support and Training for PenSoft and 2012 inductee of the Meritorious Services Award from the APA.  She spoke on “What’s New in 2013 and How it Will Affect Your Payroll”.  Her topic was […]