Securing Automated Clearing House Payments

Securing Automated Clearing House Payments

Your company’s financials are much more secure in this day and age of technology.  There is little you need to worry about because automated clearing house payments (ACH) are secured by your financial institution. But wait, according to the Association for Financial Professionals (AFP) in March 2013, ACH fraud has increased by 3% from 2012.  The […]

PenSoft 2014 Spring Newsletter

Get the PenSoft Winter Newsletter and learn: Data Protection Through Prevention - Backing up can prevent your company from losing data.  What solutions are available? PenSoft Customer Security - How does PenSoft protect your credit card, check, or ACH information? Protecting Corporate Identity from Theft – Businesses are easy targets for identity theft.  What can be done to minimize […]

Earned Income Credit & The Employer

Certain low to moderate income workers may qualify for Earned Income Credit

Help your employees increase their income!  You may have certain low to moderate income workers who qualify to receive the Earned Income Credit (EIC). What is the Earned Income Credit (EIC)?  The EIC is a refundable tax credit for low to moderate income workers.  The tax credit was approved by Congress in 1975.  Originally, it […]

Tired of Losing Your Funds in Your Flexible Spending Account?

Tired of Losing Flexible Spending Account Funds?

Disappointed when you don’t use all the funds in your Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and lose your flexible spending account funds?  The IRS has good news for you!  $500 can now be carried over to the next plan year. Flexible Spending Account plans are a popular offering in employer benefit packages.  FSA’s allow participants to […]

PenSoft Winter Newsletter

PenSoft Newsletter

Get the PenSoft Winter Newsletter and learn: One Bad Apple - Avoid becoming a victim if you outsource your tax payments! Use or Lose FSA - IRS is now allowing up to $500 to be carried over to the next plan year. PenSoft RSS Feeds – Subscribe to RSS feed for 2013 and 2014 PenSoft Payroll. Check it out […]

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How to Verify EFTPS Payments


Outsourcing your payroll tax management may be the absolute best option, but what can you do to ensure the payroll service bureau representing your company is making the tax deposits and filing the tax reports as promised?