Have you considered carpooling with other coworkers or even people who work close by?  Carpooling is a great way for eveyone participating to save on gas.  Gas prices are a concern for many and the financial savings can be significant.  If you live in an area with tolls or parking fees, carpooling can help alleviate […]

Administative Professionals Day


Today is Administrative Professionals Day.  Administrative Professionals Day is one of the largest workplace observances outside of employee birthdays and major holidays.  More than 1.4 million secretaries and administrative assistants are honored in the United States today. Tell your administrative professionals thank you today!

Simple Switches In The Lunch Room


There are additional simple switches you can do around the office to help reduce waste!  Consider implementing reusable utensils in your break or lunch room to replace any plastic items available.  How about offering dish cloths that can be washed and reused to employees for washing their lunch dishes?  Reusable plates and bowls can easily […]

Happy Earth Day!

Earth Day

Happy Earth Day!  When it comes to Earth Day many of us consider what we can do in our home and community, but what about in the office? Do you recycle?  If not, consider implementing recycling in your office.  Offices are full of paper – all of which can be recycled.  Also, consider the waste […]

Taxes Due!

Taxes are due TODAY – April 15, 2013!  Don’t forget to file.  The IRS offers many FREE and low cost options to tax payers.  Check them out. Can’t file?  File an extension.  The IRS released some great information on extensions and what you have to do.  Hint…owe money?  You still have to pay if you […]

15th Anniversary

Melineé Cody has reached her 15th year with PenSoft! CONGRATULATIONS! Melineé came to PenSoft in 1997 from Alaska USA Federal Credit Union.  A native of Baltimore, MD she grew up in a military family traveling world wide.  She has over 26 years of accounting and payroll experience including 15 years with PenSoft.  As Director of […]


An expatriate employee is an individual working and living in a country other than their country of origin.  The terms expatriate and immigrant are closely related, but differ in the general context of how they are described. Persons entering the United States from other countries seeking permanent residence are generally classified as immigrants.  Expatriates are usually […]

Protecting Employee Information

Employment fraud through identity theft has increased exponentially over the last few years.  To understand the severity of the situation, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) reports it receives approximately 50,000 ID theft complaints a week.  Most of the complaints filed with the FTC are related to tax refund scams. What is identity theft? Identity theft […]

IRS Tax Scams

The IRS has released their “Dirty Dozen Tax Scams for 2013″ YouTube videos.  Check them out! You can read about their top dozen scams online in their newsroom too.