Social Networking for Business Purposes

Social Networks link individuals with common interests. This can be sports, music, and even careers or school.  Historically, networking was done mostly in person or at certain conventions and conferences. Now with the advance of technology, common online sites allow for a new platform called social networking. Instead of using multiple outlets to connect and […]

Increasing Minimum Wage

In President Obama’s State of the Union Address he spoke about a plan for the United States to build upon.  One of those ideas was to raise the minimum wage.  Currently those who work full-time at minimum wage only earn $14,500 a year.  President Obama would like to raise minimum wage to $9.00 an hour.  Check […]

Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Compensation Premiums

Generally workers’ compensation insurance premiums are paid in advanced based on an estimated payroll figure determined prior to the policy period. This estimate does not take into consideration changes in employee compensation or policy changes. Employers are demanding an integrated pay-as-you-go solution to be built into their payroll software. Business policy holders, insurance agents, payroll […]

Delegating Tax Responsibility – Fact or Fiction?

Many businesses outsource payroll and tax processing to third-party service providers.  For many businesses this is the best solution to streamline their payroll process, assure filing deadlines and deposit requirements are met, and simplify the employee administration requirements. When a business owner/employer outsources their payroll, who is responsible, if the third party fails to comply […]

Hampton Roads Chapter of the APA February’s Meeting

Melinee Cody

The Hampton Roads Chapter held their first meeting of 2013 on February 14.  One of our speakers was Melineé Cody, CPP, Director of Support and Training for PenSoft and 2012 inductee of the Meritorious Services Award from the APA.  She spoke on “What’s New in 2013 and How it Will Affect Your Payroll”.  Her topic was […]

Internet…..Friend or Foe?

Most all businesses today would agree the internet is an invaluable tool for research and to reach their customer base. As a payroll professional the internet is an invaluable tool in keeping up to date on the latest tax and compliance laws.  Without the internet it would be very challenging to do my job. So […]

Social Security Randomization – Purposes & Procedures

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has been providing social security numbers (SSN) for identification purposes for almost 75 years to track workers’ earning across their lifetimes to pay out benefits. The first three digits of a social security number were determined by the state of the mailing address shown on the application (also known as […]

I-Squared Act of 2013

On January 29, 2013 four senators introduce legislation to increase the number of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) visa to high-skilled workers.  The bipartisan legislation introduced the Immigration Innovation Act of 2013; also referred to as “I-Squared Act of 2013”. The bill would increase the number of STEM visas available for foreign citizens to […]

Virginia Department of Taxation Debit Card Scam

Virginia Department of Taxation has released a press release regarding a scam related to their new Virginia Tax Refund Debit Card. Most Virginias have their state refunds deposited by direct deposit. But for those who have received checks in the past they will receive their refunds via a debit card. The 2012-2014 Appropriations Act approved […]

Colonial Capital Chapter of the APA Bi-Monthly Meeting

Director of Information Systems

The Colonial Capital Chapter of the APA met this morning at PenSoft for their bi-monthly meeting to discuss “The Payroll Departments Role in a Disaster Recovery Plan” with speaker Paul MacDonald, Director of Information Systems at PenSoft. This topic is important because all companies need to have something in place for the continuation of their […]