Year-End Webinar Training Available

Year-End Webinars

2015 is right around the corner!  Are you ready? Are you prepared for the year-end filing, reporting, and processing? Improve your year-end processes to be more effective by registering for our Year-End Webinars specifically designed for PenSoft Payroll customers. During the one hour webinar we will go over: Steps & procedures required to process the […]

Third-Party Sick Pay

Third-Party SIck Pay

Do you pay employees for days they call in sick?  If you do, this is typically treated as ordinary wages and subject to withholdings.  Do you offer a third-party sick pay?  With third-party sick pay tax withholdings can be affected. What is third-party sick pay?  Third-party sick pay is a benefit or payment for employees’ […]

PenSoft 2014 Fall Newsletter

2014 Fall Newsletter

Get the PenSoft Fall Newsletter and learn: Dedicated to Being a Voice to the Payroll Industry - PenSoft employees sit on many different committees to gather information for our customers. PenSoft TimeOnline & the Affordable Care Act- PenSoft TimeOnline is a valuable tool to managing the ACA. Electronic Vendor Payments Deter Fraud – Don’t lose control of your […]

FICA Refund

FICA Refund

Marriage Keywords On A Colorful Cork BoardAre you a resident of Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, New Hampshire, or Rhode Island?  Do you have employees residing in any of these states? You or your employees may be eligible for a FICA refund.Several states have legalized same sex marriage and civil unions are being allowed to convert to […]

PenSoft 2014 Summer Newsletter

2014 Summer Newsletter

Get the PenSoft Summer Newsletter and learn: Retirement – Helping Your Workforce Prepare - Help your workforce prepare for retirement 2015 Renewals & Tax Forms - Renew your PenSoft Payroll for 2015! Cloud Backup – Cloud backup & disaster recovery planning Check it out here!  Adobe Reader required.

Fair Labor Standards Act Anticipates Facelift

Fair Labor Standards Act Anticipates Facelift

All employees who are paid salaries are classified as exempt employees.  Not necessarily.  To be classified as an exempt employee, the employee must meet the tests established under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).  Soon, the Fair Labor Standard Acts anticipates a facelift after an rewrite requested by President Obama. In March, President Obama ordered a […]

Protecting Your Company From Identity Theft

Corporate Identity Theft

How do you protect your company from identity theft?  Have you ever been victimized? Identity theft is devastating both financially and psychologically for the victim.  Reports of identity theft have been front page news for many years.  But now individuals are no longer the only target. Corporate Identity Theft Criminals are now turning their attention […]

Jury Duty and Paying Employees

Jury Duty and Paying Employees

Have you ever had an employee summoned for jury duty? Unfamiliar with your options as an employer? Laws governing jury duty leave and jury pay vary from state-to-state.  The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) does not mandate whether an employer must pay an employee who is away from the job due to jury duty.  However, […]